Tour Dates:

Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma City, OK

Lawton, OK


Torch Ginger is a new musical persona embodied by LA singer/songwriter Kevin Sandbloom.
With a musical career spanning more than a decade and a catalogue of 9 releases,
Kevin has become well known for his soulful vocals, well crafted songs, and blues
infused guitar.

His newest release, The Constellation EP, takes all of his strengths as a songwriter and
adds electronic and jazz elements to compelling vocal performances. The result is
a memorable sonic experience that lives with the listener long after the songs are
over. The music of Torch Ginger is fun, exploratory, and
hauntingly melodic.

"Constellation is the perfect summertime album." - JG the Juggernaut

"I love this EP sir. Seriously at a loss for words to express how good it is.
The music. The vibe. The LYRICS. You're such a poet."
- Teisha Murray